by Sophie Ma and Joie Kim, Miss CEO 2020–2021 Ambassadors

Back in mid-October, Miss CEO held an inspiring and informative workshop with Vrinda Gupta, the Founder and CEO of Sequin Capital. Vrinda launched Sequin — the first credit card on a mission to address gender inequality in credit — alongside Visa and IDEO after she was rejected for a credit card she personally helped build. All her years of smart budgeting and app payments didn’t show up in her credit history. …

By Nita Singh Kaushal, Founder of Miss CEO

When I was majoring in Electrical Engineering in college, it was hard to ignore that I was one of just a handful of women in my classes. It was surprising — I remember being surrounded by so many bright girls in my high school math and science classes. Where did they all go?

Women make up just 25% of the STEM industry. Many girls and young women lack access to mentors and exposure to meaningful opportunities in these fields during their formative years. In order to change the landscape, I founded Miss…

by Anisa Majhi and Kathy Li, 2020–2021 Miss CEO Ambassadors

Miss CEO recently spoke with Pranavi Kethanaboyina, a third year public policy student at Stanford University and a bright light in the world of change. And we are also proud to share that Pranavi was the first ever Miss CEO Ambassador! Learn what Pranavi has to say about one of the biggest events this year: the 2020 US Election.

What’s Happening?

According to NPR, 550,000 mail-in votes were discounted during the primary elections earlier this year, many of which were because of preventable reasons. According to Pranavi, “It’s really scary…

By Trishala Jain, 2019–2020 Miss CEO Ambassador and student at Dublin High School

Due to COVID-19, summer programs, internships, and other opportunities have been canceled left and right, leaving most of us in the dust with not much to do this summer. We hit a roadblock, but what’s stopping us from overcoming the obstacle and finding new opportunities?

There are plenty of ways that you can create your own opportunities, such as internships, simply by looking to your community. Think about all the people you’ve interacted with, including your friends, peers, teachers, and family members, and recollect any problems or…

by Trishala Jain, 2019–2020 Miss CEO Ambassador Student and student at Dublin High School

Have you ever felt like you didn’t deserve a specific award, honor, or title? Has it made you feel like a “fraud”? Did you ever feel like your accomplishments are attributed to luck instead of your own skills and talents?

If you have, you’re not alone. According to a study conducted by the International Journal of Behavioral Science, over 70% of people face some form of Imposter Syndrome at least once in their lives. Imposter Syndrome is characterized by the feeling that you don’t deserve any…

by Jennifer Tran, 2019–2020 Miss CEO Ambassador and junior at Mesquite High School in Arizona

Exploring Possible Careers in Nonprofit Organizations

Many years in the future, we will look back at the difficult months of 2020 and remember how our lives were turned upside down. We will remember that when people needed help, nonprofit organizations were there for them. In our society, nonprofit organizations play an integral part in improving communities and solving societal problems. Nonprofit organizations provide many opportunities to volunteer as a student, however, they can also provide a potential job in your future adult and professional life!

By Manasi Soman, Miss CEO Ambassador Class of 2019–2020

I had the honor of speaking with two influential and tenacious women in STEM: Samantha Chouinard from Johnson & Johnson and Professor Namrata Grampurohit at Thomas Jefferson University. These powerful women have strived to achieve what they are passionate about: helping others.

Samantha Chouinard is a packaging engineer at Johnson & Johnson and mentors the oldest-continuous FIRST Robotics Team in New Jersey. As a packaging engineer, Chouinard ensures the safety of Johnson & Johnson products in terms of their distribution, sale, and storage. …

By Hannah Maryam, 2019–2020 Miss CEO Ambassador and student at Monta Vista High School

As an anxious freshman entering high school, I was surrounded by friends and classmates who had already developed a general idea of what they wanted to study in college and had a sense of clarity regarding what career fields they wanted to go into. When it came to choosing courses and extracurricular activities for the upcoming year, they barely had to think twice. …

by Trishala Jain, 2019–2020 Miss CEO High School Ambassador and student at Dublin High School

Networking. It’s a word we’ve heard many times, but many misconceptions loom around it. Some people think that networking is only for industry professionals, or that it’s not meant for teenagers. Others believe that they are already actively networking by maintaining an active presence on social media. The truth is, your self-brand is built upon your network, and it’s time you started building it. Networking is so much more than friending or following someone on social media — is the process of interacting with others…

by Trishala Jain, 2019–2020 Miss CEO High School Ambassador and student at Dublin High School

“TED is an organization that grants people the opportunity to discuss their ideas with a global audience,” I describe to my Vice Principal, persuading him to approve Dublin High School’s first-ever TEDx event. “As a school, we need to be promoting organizations such as TED and bring their platform to our students. TEDxDublinHighSchool is an endeavor we need to start now so future students will be able to continue the tradition.”

To see how this journey started, let’s rewind to September of 2017.

At the…

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